By submitting an application to trade at a Bentleys Fairs event you agree to accept our terms and

conditions set out below.

1. Bentleys Fairs do not guarantee to reserve any particular pitch specific to any trader at any event.

2. Bentleys Fairs will not be liable to compensate any trader in the event of any act of God, war, fire,
flood, trade dispute, terrorist act, threat of terrorism, civil disturbance, accident, or the event being

cancelled due to any other cause or reason not within the organisers control.

3. The Bentleys Fairs organiser has the right to change the date/location of the event.

4. The Bentleys Fairs organiser has the right to remove individuals from the event if it is deemed in

the interest or safety of the event or any other persons attending.

5. No refunds will be given in the 8 week period prior to any event being held by Bentleys Fairs.

6. Each pitch entitles 2 exhibitor passes.

7. Exhibitors are responsible for keeping their dogs on leads at all times and maybe asked to leave
the event if this is not adhered to. We frequently work in areas where there is livestock present and it

is always part of our contract to enforce this rule.

8. It is the responsibility of the trader to ensure the gangways are clear around the pitch and to keep

within any markings around the pitch.

9. Vehicles may not move on our sites whilst the general public are present.

10. Traders must conduct themselves in a decent manner toward other traders and members of the
public. Failure to comply will mean you will be asked to leave the fair. If you have a dispute the
organiser must be informed immediately and will make the final decision on the matter concerned

having the right to ask anyone involved to vacate the pitch/stand or site.

11. No trader has a right to occupy the hired pitch after the fair has closed.

12. Bentleys Fairs will seek compensation from any trader who causes or allows to be caused any

damage to the pitch/stand or marquee.

13. Traders must clear all rubbish from the pitch before vacating it. NO ONE IS TO PACK UP PRIOR TO 45mins FROM THE END TIME OF THE EVENT. Bentleys Fairs reserve the right to charge for rubbish removal.

14. It is a condition of Bentleys Fairs that the trader will carry their own insurance to cover the event.

15. Bentleys Fairs does not guarantee the amount sales or revenue you will make at any of our
events and accepts no responsibility in respect of this.