Welcome to Bentleys Fairs

Bentleys Fairs was founded in 2013. The fairs started off as Architectural salvage events and over the years the fairs have also developed a good mix of decorative, vintage and antiques.

Our flagship event is the fair that takes place every year in Knebworth Park, Herts. It is a two day fair with some fabulous stock brought in by traders from the UK and other countries.

Tips when visiting Knebworth;

Save the date, you do not want to miss one of the best fairs in the UK!
Buy your tickets in advance to get a discount from Knebworthhouse.com
Arrive nice and early to get those bargains!
Have a pic on your phone of the room you are dressing, so you can colour match when buying things.
Bring a tape measure.
Keep your rain mac and wellies in the boot.. it is outdoors so we never know what the weather will be doing.
Cash is key! There are no cash machines at Knebworth so bring cash with you.
Talk to dealers, they will gladly tell you what they know about the item you may be interested in purchasing.